Energetica – photovoltaic excellence made in Austria

Photovoltaic expertise, quarter-of-a-century experience and long-life passion for a better, cleaner future

Energetica Industries GmbH, headquartered in Liebenfels, Austria is a manufacturer of smart high-end photovoltaic solutions. Our management, our people are inspired by innovation, relentlessly striving to provide products with a unique blend of high-tech, high-aesthetics and high-longevity.

Energetica’s product range reflects 25 years of experience in the design and production of photovoltaic modules and PV system components implementing leading-edge technology and know-how. Today, the company is the European leading brand for high-end series products in the field of PV roof-mounted and ground-mounted installations and products for a variety of special-purposes.

At Energetica, state-of-the-art quality, unparallel performance and craftmanship meet the passion for perfection and pioneering solutions.

“Our biggest challenge in the new century is to take an idea that seems abstract – sustainable development – and turn it into reality for all the world’s people” – Kofi Annan

Energetica is making it reality. For everyone.

Our style of working and living reflects our core values: use the sun to generate clean energy and support sustainability in all areas: economic, environmental, technological and social. Our production process is operating on a 2.7 MW PV plant. It is the only energy self-sufficient and climate-neutral production in Europe.

Betriebsgebäude Energetica Photovoltaik Industries in Liebenfels

Company building of Energetica Photovoltaic Industries in Liebenfels/Austria