Big plans at the Liebenfels site.

Expansion of Energetica Industries GmbH into a Green Energy Hotspot.

April 12, 2022

 The offer of Irma Power GmbH for the continuation of the insolvent photovoltaic module manufacturer Energetica Industries GbmH was accepted with significant majority as part of a restructuring procedure today, Tuesday, April 12, 2022. Legal force arises after expiry of the 14-day objection period. The site is to be expanded both in terms of jobs and production. There is already an intensive exchange on the plans with the employees and the community. Liebenfels is to become a green energy hotspot.

IRMA Power GmbH, part of the IRMA Investments Group, has acquired shares in Energetica Industries GmbH in the course of a bidding process. In recent weeks, a restructuring procedure has been carried out in close coordination with the liquidator and the creditors’ representatives in order to secure the location and, above all, to retain the currently around ninety highly qualified employees. “In a second step, our clear goal is to further expand the Liebenfels site and the associated jobs, to train apprentices and to set up a photovoltaic competence center. We will be happy to provide more detailed information on this once today’s decision has become final. Energetica Industries GmbH fits perfectly into the portfolio of IRMA Power GmbH, whose clear focus is on renewable energy,” says Martin Kurschel, owner of the IRMA Investments Group and thus also of IRMA Power GmbH, about the motives for the takeover. “Our aim as a group of companies is to develop affordable solutions for the major challenges of housing, energy, the environment, health and nutrition. We clearly focus our thoughts and actions on recognizing the right potential, seizing opportunities and realizing innovations. Our society is facing a sustainable transformation. And we want to help shape them. That is why, with the still relatively young subsidiary IRMA Power GmbH, we are focusing on climate-friendly energy generation and its storage,” says Kurschel. “We are delighted with the award of the contract and are now dedicating ourselves with full energy together with our highly motivated employees to the implementation of our plans.”

About IRMA Investments

IRMA Investments is an internationally active, owner-managed corporate network of future-oriented companies in the fields of real estate, finance, technology and industry founded in Vienna in 2016 by Martin Kurschel. A trained mechanical engineer and operating technician, he has successfully dedicated himself to the real estate industry and investing in future-oriented solutions for over twenty years.  As a financing body, IRMA Investments forms both the umbrella and the center of all business sectors whose mission is to develop affordable solutions for the major challenges of housing, energy, the environment, health and nutrition. The areas of activity clearly align their thinking and actions with recognizing potential, seizing opportunities and realizing innovations.

IRMA Power GmbH

Irma Power is a company that has set itself the goal of designing, developing and implementing holistic solutions in the field of “Green Energy”. In addition to photovoltaic technology, this also includes solar thermal energy, fuel cells, storage technologies, waste-to-energy processing, hydrogen solutions, as well as cross-technology energy management in order to produce available energy in the most environmentally friendly way possible and to use it most efficiently. Irma Power sees itself as a provider of holistic technical energy solutions and green energy in Europe.

About Energetica Industries

Energetica Industries GmbH from Liebenfels / Austria specializes in the large-scale production of photovoltaic modules. Energetica relies on its own patents such as e.ISP (intelligent temperature and shading management integrated into the modules) and e.STAK (revolutionary photovoltaic module frame and biodegradable, environmentally friendly packaging), as well as highly efficient 12 busbar half-cell technology. This makes Energetica modules one of the most technically advanced products in the industry worldwide. The European technology leader is also setting new standards in environmental protection and currently has the most modern and most powerful production facility for PV modules in Europe. Production is based on industry standard 4.0, automated and based on intelligent technology. The manufacturing process is climate-neutral and was awarded three prestigious awards from the solar industry within just six weeks at the end of 2020: the Solar Award 2020 in Austria, as well as the Top Business Model and Sustainability Award 2020 in Germany.

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