PRESS RELEASE: Photovoltaic module producer Energetica Industries sets an example for the international PV industry

The leading industry magazine “pv magazine” has awarded the Austrian solar company Energetica Industries the international “pv magazine Sustainability Award”. This is the third high award for Energetica within a few weeks.

“What makes this manufacturer unique is its sustainable approach – setting a blueprint for other companies to draw inspiration from.” says pv magazine it its announcement. The prize was officially announced on January 21, 2021, in a virtual award ceremony.

End of 2020, pv magazine selected Energetica also for its the Top Business Model Award for its unique approach to environmental protection. At the same time, EUROSOLAR AUSTRIA also acknowledged Energetica for its unique Zero-Emission Factory with the Austrian Solar Award.

Innovative and energy self-sufficient PV industrial site in the heart of Austria

In 2020, pv magazine collected the “biggest and most exciting innovations in the solar and storage industry” in order to have them assessed by expert juries with representatives from all over the solar world. The fact that Energetica’s sustainability approach is so unique in its concept that it has proven worthy of the award: production is already completely climate-neutral and saves around 2,300 tons of CO2 annually. To achieve this, Energetica draws around 400,000 kWh of electricity annually from a nearby small hydropower plant and around three million KWh from a photovoltaic system with a capacity of 2.6 MW, which was installed on the roof and in the vicinity of the production hall. Energetica only uses modules that were produced at the Liebenfels location.

The solar and hydropower plants together cover day and night shifts.

Smooth the transition to the sustainable energy future

Energetica also relies on sustainable solutions for mobility and freight transport. 70% of the goods are delivered by train. The entire vehicle fleet consists of Tesla electric vehicles. And directly in front of the factory gates there is a connection to the environmentally friendly Austrian railway network. For Energetica, sustainability doesn’t stop at your own doorstep. The company has developed a solution that eliminates the need for plastic foil and corners or cardboard boxes and corners. The wrapping foil is made of biodegradable plastic.

Energetica not only produces solar modules to contribute to the success of the energy transition. In everything we do, we also ensure that the best solution is found to minimize CO2 emissions. We want to actively shape the future with the most innovative photovoltaic technology and smooth the transition to the sustainable energy future.

About the pv magazine awards

The winners of the pv magazine Awards were selected in eight categories: modules; Inverter; BoS; Production equipment; Materials; Sustainability; Publisher’s Pick and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS).

Selection criteria for the annual awards are:

  • What problem does this solve for the industry and how well does it do it?
  • How does the approach differ from other solutions in the same market segment and how effective is it?
  • How economical are the solutions and how do they contribute to reducing costs or improving quality in the solar / storage industry?

About Energetica

Energetica Industries GmbH from Liebenfels / Austria specializes in the large-scale production of photovoltaic modules. Energetica relies on its own patents such as e.ISP (intelligent temperature and shading management integrated into the modules) and e.STAK (revolutionary photovoltaic module frame and biodegradable, environmentally friendly packaging), as well as highly efficient 12 busbar half-cell technology. This means that the modules are among the most technically advanced products in the industry worldwide. The European technology leader is also setting new standards in environmental protection and currently has the most modern and most powerful production facility for PV modules in Europe. Production is based on industry standard 4.0, automated and based on intelligent technology. The manufacturing process is climate neutral.

Press contact:

Dieter Adametz,

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