Energetica starts up second photovoltaic production plant and decides on further investments in Austria

Energetica Industries GmbH, manufacturer of photovoltaic modules for standard and special applications, has put a new solar module production line into operation at the Klagenfurt location. For the new production line for the production of high-performance solar modules for special applications, investments of approx. 1 million euros made.

This increases Energetica’s total production capacity to over 80 MWp per year. This is an essential growth course and increases the competitiveness compared to European and Asian market competitors and supports the partners in wholesale.

Sustainably clean energy. A life long.

High technology “Made in Austria” is just as much a matter of course for Energetica as the high quality of their photovoltaic systems, which are made with 100% clean energy from the sun, water and wind at the production site in Klagenfurt. Almost all Energetica modules ever built are still built in systems and produce valuable energy. The name Energetica has not only stood for maximum performance and yield since 1995, but also for extreme durability and individual design of the products, which are also incorporated in architectural customer requirements or in special products such as the SMARTFLOWER or SIMON.