sunXport – carports without the need for a foundation

Sunexport. Design X. Solarcarport. Ohne Fundament.

Consisting of steel tubing and concrete, our modular system provides a cost-efficient way to almost completely cover existing parking lots, with almost no lead time for planning required. Taking local conditions and customer requirements into account, we also provide custom solutions in steel or timber for single-car, bus, and truck parking.


• Sustainable energy generation for local supply
• First step toward energy independence
• Enhanced customer convenience
• Reduced heat buildup in asphalt surfaces
• Effective utilization of paved surfaces

Our focus is on two designs.

Design X.

Innovation without the need for a foundation.

This combination of steel tubing and concrete ballast blocks creates a cantilevered carport that offers great parking convenience and meets all structural code requirements.

Basis T.

Conventional 2-stall, 4-stall, and drive aisle configurations.

The use of concrete-filled steel tubing enables a slim design that meets all structural code requirements without the need for additional excavation and foundation work.

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