Energetica wins the Austrian Solar Award 2020!

EUROSOLAR AUSTRIA awarded this year’s award for industrial, commercial or agricultural operations & companies to Energetica Photovoltaic Industries for its Zero Emission Factory!

With the production facility opened in the Carinthian Liebenfels in 2019, Energetica Industries not only has the most technically advanced and potentially most powerful production facility for photovoltaic modules on the European continent.

Energetica wins the Austrian Solar Award 2020.

Energetica wins the Austrian Solar Award 2020.

The Energetica factory uses self-generated electricity during operation: A photovoltaic system with a capacity of 2.7 MWp, a corresponding battery storage system, as well as the use of its own process waste heat and a nearby biomass heating plant also generate the energy required at the production site. This makes the plant an independent “zero emission factory”.

The current generation of Energetica solar modules installed in the photovoltaic power plant were manufactured exclusively at the Liebenfels location.

All production facilities were also delivered by rail in an environmentally friendly manner. Goods can be delivered and dispatched C02-free using our own rail connection.

EUROSOLAR AUSTRIA, the association for the solar energy age, is a non-profit European solar energy association founded in 1989, independent of parties, political institutions, companies and interest groups. EUROSOLAR AUSTRIA is a section of EUROSOLAR INTERNATIONAL, based in Bonn. In addition to Austria, there are also sections in Egypt, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, Russia, Spain, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Hungary.