BLOG: Energetica modules in practical use – KELAG Energie & Wärme GmbH

“It was our customer Fernwärmversorgung Eisenkappel GmbH who opted for the photovoltaic modules from Energetica Industries GmbH. At the time the project was implemented, the e.Classic M HC modules from Energetica were also the most powerful products we know about on the market”, remembers DI Markus Prevedel, head of photovoltaic at the department for decentralized energy systems at KELAG Energie & Wärme GmbH.

Modules of the e.Classic M HC series were installed. From a technical point of view, the selection was certainly a very good one. Because this module series is – as one of the first – equipped with our patented, intelligent shading and temperature management e.ISP®. A functioning shading management is a decisive product advantage from the point of view of the system operator. With 12 busbar and half-cell technology, the module series also represents the state-of-the-art in photovoltaic module construction. Compared to standard modules on the market, they offer up to 83 percent more power when shaded. Thanks to our future-oriented e.ISP® technology and the high quality of our modules, we not only guarantee long-term high performance, but also a longer service life of the modules as well as more safety and more yield. Energetica products keep their promises and prove themselves in practice. This is also confirmed by our customers and partners.

Experiences with Energetica are very positive

DI Markus Prevedel on this: “Our experience with the Energetica photovoltaic modules has been very positive. The modules provide all the promised services. With Energetica we have a competent partner at hand and the cooperation is also very good and solution-oriented.”

The system was originally built with 2 Fronius Symo inverters with a total of 40 kVA bottleneck power. But since the modules are performing very well (especially in the months of June & July 2020, the inverters sometimes reached their limits over lunchtime and cut off the performance curve) the system was retrofitted with a further 10 kVA Symo inverter. The inverter output is now at a total of 50 kVA.

“Our customer, Fernwärmeversorgung Eisenkappel GmbH, is very satisfied with the service provided by KELAG Energie & Wärme and the selection of the Energetica modules,” concluded Prevedel.


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KELAG Energie & Wärme GmbH, a subsidiary of Kelag, is responsible for sales of electricity and natural gas to individual customers and is the largest provider of district heating based on industrial waste heat and biomass throughout Austria. The company, based in Villach, operates 85 district heating networks and around 900 heating centers in Austria and delivers around 1.8 billion kilowatt hours of heat to its customers every year. Around two years ago, the division “Energy-related services” was expanded.

The company has successfully implemented numerous PV projects. (