BLOG: Energetica modules in practice – at the “ESS-Kulturwirt”

The traditional Carinthian restaurant “EssKulturWirt die Zechnerin” in Liebenfels has opted for photovoltaic products from Energetica: Since January 2019, 72 pieces of the ECO 1000 series with 280 watt peak have been very successful.

According to owner Christa Taumberger, the system has a peak power of 20 KWpeak. She is hoping for an annual production of a total of 23 MWh. “One thing we can already calculate easily: We will save around a quarter of our electricity costs over the year.”

“The system is definitely worth it.”

Therefore, she is already seriously considering the expansion. Junior boss and photovoltaic enthusiast Stefan Taumberger: “The system is definitely worth it! If only because the electricity consumption of the catering trade – especially the kitchen – coincides with the peak production times of a photovoltaic system, ”says operator Stefan Taumberger.

Catch generation peaks

Consideration is given to combining the system with a battery storage in the event of expansion. Taumberger illustrates: “An expansion of ten KWh would be ‘intercepted’ by the ongoing consumption of the restaurant business. If it were expanded, a battery storage system would already make sense. ”Currently, the production peaks are being intercepted with electric cars: a two-year-old E-Golf and an 11-KW charging station for the guests.

… what the future brings

Stefan Taumberger comes out as an Energetica fan: “The modules work perfectly. No weak points were found even under the thermal imager ”. The modules also carry 330 kg of snow in an emergency. “Our company is located at 780 meters above sea level. Therefore, this will hardly be relevant, “concludes Taumberger with a wink,” but who knows what the future will bring. ”