For the future – tree challenge at Energetica

The last stop of the “Vereins Baum-Challenge” Carinthia took place on November 18, 2019 in Liebenfels.

The Sörg singing community planted several trees in the presence of the Mayor of Liebenfels, Klaus Köchl, in the immediate vicinity of the Energetica Photovoltaic Industries company area. With Energetica co-owner Andreas Kogler with family and tourism manager Roland Loibnegger, head of the men’s double sextet Klagenfurt.

Loibnegger is also the founder of the tree challenge: “The starting point was the idea to set an example that Carinthian associations stand up for the environment. Hence the decision to plant trees for the future. ”The Carinthian Kronenzeitung could be won as a partner and in addition to choirs and singers, other clubs have joined the campaign.

The first trees were planted in Pörtschach. From mid-September to mid-November, 41 clubs planted over 800 trees. The last stop was Energetica Liebenfels.

As a CO2-free production site, Energetica is happy about lots of greenery and trees on the company premises. Because Energetica is working to ensure that the electricity required at the site is also generated on site using photovoltaic modules. “The rest is supplemented with Kelag electricity from 100 percent renewable energy.