Energetica presents the first European gapless PV module.


With the presentation of gapless technology in photovoltaic module construction, the Austrian producer Energetica Industries is once again one of the pioneers and technology leaders in the industry worldwide. E.gapless m hc reaches an output of up to 425 watts peak and an efficiency of up to 21.4 percent – and that using the 60-cell format.


132 photovoltaic half cells – instead of 60 full cells as with standard modules – but in almost the same format in combination with future-oriented 12 busbar technology for current diversion from the cells make the e.Gapless M HC one of the most powerful and, with an efficiency of up to 21.4 percent, the most efficient solar modules in its class.

The higher module efficiency is achieved by eliminating the cell gaps in the cell strings. In this way, the module surface is optimally used and between 400 and 425 watt peak module output is achieved.

A slightly overlapping arrangement of the cells in the string makes it possible to optimize the use of the module area, to accommodate two additional rows of six half-cells each and to further increase efficiency.

Gapless technology is another important innovation in PV module construction and Energetica is thus part of the technical avant-garde of premium manufacturers. As a clean and efficient energy source, European photovoltaic modules are one of the pillars of sustainable, renewable energy supply in Europe.

Of course, the e.Gapless M HC is equipped with e.ISP® and the innovative stacking and packaging system e.STAK®, e.Gapless M HC will be available from the fourth quarter of 2021

About Energetica Industries

Energetica Industries GmbH from Liebenfels / Austria specializes in the large-scale production of photovoltaic modules. Energetica relies on its own patents such as e.ISP (intelligent temperature and shading management integrated into the modules) and e.STAK (revolutionary photovoltaic module frame and biodegradable, environmentally friendly packaging), as well as highly efficient 12 busbar half-cell technology. This makes Energetica modules one of the most technically advanced products in the industry worldwide. The European technology leader is also setting new standards in environmental protection and currently has the most modern and most powerful production facility for PV modules in Europe. Production is based on industry standard 4.0, automated and based on intelligent technology. The manufacturing process is climate-neutral and was awarded three prestigious awards from the solar industry within just six weeks at the end of 2020: the Solar Award 2020 in Austria, as well as the Top Business Model and Sustainability Award 2020 in Germany.

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